Custom Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Scheduled maintenance plans are the best way to keep your manual and automatic doors running smoothly for years. Think of it in terms of a car—with regular oil changes and periodic tune-ups, your car will run a lot longer than it would otherwise. With scheduled maintenance plans for your manual and automatic doors, you will get the most out of your investment.

Regular Inspections

In fact, all automatic door manufacturers recommend you get regular AAADM-certified inspections. During our visits, our AAADM-certified technicians go over your doors with a fine-tooth comb.

We inspect all the belts, gears, pivots, glass, guide rails and other components for wear. We make sure everything is functioning properly, tune anything that needs tuning and replace any parts that need replacing—to ensure your doors work properly and conform to the latest ANSI standards.

For your convenience, we also offer flexible scheduled maintenance plans, which you can tailor to your unique needs.

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually